INMAPZ platform provides indoor maps for large venues.  Our maps have the following features:

GPS Accuracy – All points of interest on the map are accurately mapped based on their GPS coordinates.

Navigation Routing – Routings are calculated from all origins to destinations.

Interactivity – All points of interests on our InMapz mobile app are touch interactive where users can tap for more detail information.

Zoom, Pan – High levels of graphic details to allow zooming and panning of maps.

Updates – Changes in maps are updated in minutes not days.  Map updates do not require downloading a new version of mobile app.


INMAPZ (@inmapzapp) platform provides traffic analytics for venue owners and operators. Standard analytics reports show aggregate traffic:

WHO – Demographic reports provide insights such as visitors’ gender and age.  Use these reports to understand who your visitors are.

WHAT – Top searches reports show what visitors are looking for in the venue.  Use these reports to understand what are trending and top needs of visitors.

WHEN – Visit times reports show peak and low traffic times.  Use these reports to shift demands during off hours.

WHERE – Heat maps of where users visited to show hot spots and dead spots in the venue. Use these reports to smoothen traffic flows and improve low trafficked areas.

HOW OFTEN – Frequency reports show visitors’ frequencies of visits.  Use these reports to understand behaviors of visitors’ time patterns.


INMAPZ (@inmapzapp) platform provides indoor merchants a mobile channel to promote deals and events.   What is unique is that these promotions are targeted based on locations, time, and demographics:

WHO – promote to users based on demographic like age and gender

WHAT – promote to users who are interested in your brands, product categories, or products

WHEN – create advertising campaigns and schedule promotions’ start and end date

WHERE – promote to users based on venue locations


INMAPZ (@inmapzapp) platform integrates maps to social media.   Users can share map locations and photos to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  Users can share photos of venues to other users.  Social media postings help to promote venues, brands, and merchants.