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Museums are wondrous places of culture and arts.  To fully learn and experience a museum visit, visitors require human guides or recording devices containing background history, facts, and significance of art pieces in the museum.  InMapz helps museum visitors to maximize their visits in several ways:
  • Use InMapz interactive map to get more multimedia info about each art piece: read text description, listen to audio recordings, view videos.
  • Navigating through a museum can feel like going through a maze.  So use InMapz to quickly find where an art item is located in the museum.
  • Get turn-by-turn walking directions to art pieces.
  • See “you-are-here” location of where you are in the museum.
  • Find facilities like restrooms, food, exits.
If you are a museum curator or director, contact us for a demo how InMapz can enhance your visitors’ experience.