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Visiting an amusement park is an exciting, fun experience.  These are places where most visitors attend only once or twice.   These venues are unfamiliar and very large so it’s easy for visitors to get lost. When visiting amusement parks, visitors want to maximize fun time riding rides, not waste time getting lost.  Park visitors require good maps to find rides, food, facilities (restrooms, lockers), exits, and even friends and family members.   InMapz maps help visitors enjoy the experience:
  • Locate current “You are here” location using our location technology
  • Share current location with friends and family members so they know where to meet
  • Search quickly where rides are located
  • Get turn-by-turn walking direction to rides
  • Find restrooms and facilities
Sun World owns and operates several top amusement parks in Vietnam.   InMapz built amusement park maps for Sun World to help visitors enjoy their experience.  These are many ways InMapz maps enhance the visitor’s experience at amusement parks. InMapz park maps are available as mobile apps or as web maps that can be opened on a mobile web browser.   For web maps, visitors can simply scan a QR code to get maps on their phones.  The QR code can be displayed at park entrances and various signage throughout the parks.  InMapz maps on mobile apps offer park owners / operators more ways to showcase multimedia (images, audio, videos) information.  The maps are interactive for users to tap on a location to view more information. For example, a zoo can attach videos of lions at the lions den location on the map. InMapz has maps for these top world-wide parks:  Disneyland and California Adventure maps, Knott’s Berry Farm map, Las Vegas Downtown Container Park map, San Diego Zoo map, Sea World map, Six Flags Magic Mountain map,  Sun World Ba Na Hills map, Sun World Danang Wonder map, Sun World Fansipan Legend map, Sun World Halong map, Suoi Tien Theme park map, Universal Studios map Vinpearl Land Hoi An map, Vinpearl Safari map.