InMapz maps are available on multiple device platforms


Sun Group is one of the world’s leading owners and operators of amusement parks and destination resorts. When Sun Group was looking for a mapping solution for luxury resort properties Sun Group came to WHERE.PLACE. WHERE.PLACE provided Sun Group a complete native app experience on iOS and Android powered by InMapz mapping technology. Visitors use the Sun World app to find maps and directions at these leading resorts: Sun World Halong, Sun World Fansipan Legend, Sun World Danang Wonders, Sun World Ba Na Hills, Intercontinental Da Nang. Visitors also use the Sun World app to get discounts and promotional deals, post to social media, and purchase tickets for rides.


Vietnam Airlines is one of the world’s leading airlines serving both domestic and international destinations. Vietnam Airlines has a popular app that is used by many passengers. One feature that was missing was maps of airports to help passengers find directions at airports. WHERE.PLACE delivered InMapz mapping technology to Vietnam Airlines. The challenge was two-fold. First, build maps for every airport destinations where Vietnam Airlines services. Second, because Vietnam Airlines already had a popuplar app, InMapz maps needed to be embedded inside the Vietnam Airlines app. WHERE.PLACE met these two challeges by building over 65 airport maps and delivering an app framework that fits compatibly inside the Vietnam Airlines app.


React Native is a mobile app technology invented by Facebook to build apps that can run on both iOS and Android to help save time for apps developers.   Some of our customers have React Native apps and InMapz maps are compatible and can be integrated seamlessly into React Native applications.


The traditional and still dominant online presence is a website.  Most major venues and ecommerce merchants have websites for visitors to get more info about the company’s products and services.   InMapz web maps seamlessly integrate with websites.  Simply add a new page and embed our maps in the web page’s iframe.   InMapz web maps are fully interactive:
  • Pan and zoom maps
  • Search for stores and get locations
  • Get turn-by-turn walking direction from origination to destination
  • Share InMapz maps to friends via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Messenger, Whatsapp, Wechat, Viber
Best of all, InMapz map users can upload an InMapz web map to their phone by simply scanning a QR code for each map.  The QR code upload does not require an app download.  It opens a web browser on a phone to view the map.  Now, users don’t have to try to memorize a map or take a static photo of a map.  Simply take an interactive map with you.


Malls, airports, hospitals are places where there are often large displays of print maps.  InMapz maps can be easily installed on large digital display kiosks to replace paper poster maps. Visitors can come to the kiosk, search for their store location, and view turn-by-turn walking direction.  Often, visitors forget directions after walking away from the display.  InMapz solves this problem via our maps having QR codes for visitors to scan and get maps on their phones.   The QR code does not require any app  download and installation.Additionally, InMapz map kiosks can also display advertising for venue owners and tenants.  For example, if a visitor is searching for food then that would be the perfect time to showcase a promotion for a restaurant within the mall.  The visitor then scans the promotion QR code and gets the voucher on his or her phone.  The visitor visits the restaurant and redeems the voucher.  This cycle provides a complete loop to give the restaurant feedback on their marketing campaign’s effectiveness.


For situations requiring a mobile map solution on larger displays than phones, InMapz web maps and mobile apps fit naturally on iPad and Android devices.  For example a mobile sales agent who may be visiting merchants in a venue may want to have maps of the venue on a large device that is easy to see.  Or for an event like a fair or a trade show where ushers and helpers can use ipads to help visitors find locations.  For users who rely on maps for their work then viewing InMapz maps on iPad and tablets will provide a more comfortable viewing experience.