Maintenance World: Managing Today’s Castles with InMapz

December 20, 2022.

If you are managing a large facility using blueprint floor plans and spreadsheets to track assets, this article is for you. If, the last time you had a water leak during off hours and it took the emergency repair tech a half hour to get to it after wading thru paper maps, this is for you. If the third-party maintenance crew could not locate the empty sanitizer dispenser after 3 weeks of complaining, you will find this interesting. If your HVAC repair technician got lost on the roof while looking for unit #34 that required maintenance, this might be useful. If your employees must accompany the auditors for days and you regularly find assets that are missing or assets that aren’t recorded on paper, please read on. If your employees have your facilities management team on speed dial, then this was written for you.