• The First Inventory Mapping Software of its kind

    Now you can digitally map out and inventory assets, properties and equipment, for simplified Facility Renovation, Maintenance and Service
  • Digitized plans and data

    Transform paper plans into digital maps

    View from anywhere on any device or portal
  • Collaborate from anywhere

    Entire teams view the same maps and data remotely

    Avoid miscommunication, mistakes and repeat audits

  • Access Anytime

    Site maps are always available online, eliminating search for old paper plans

    No need to revisit worksites for data, it’s available when you are
  • Photos provide verification

    Onsite photos accurately verify equipment data and condition, no revisits needed

    All photos are available for your entire team

What Our Customers Say

  • It was so easy for us to understand where pieces of equipment were and what existing equipment was. It was slick and it also helps the workflow because we knew going in what our client was trying to address.
  • I would say InMapz software can be used a few times - first time is the audit, and second time is proposal process, and third time is implementation.
  • I really like it (the software). Actually, I love it.
  • I want to use InMapz for all our operations.

All you need in one easy-to-access place

GPS Tracking

Interactive Map

Service Records

Search Engine


Gain a competitive edge, easy as 1-2-3



InMapz converts floor plans into digital maps



Inventory assets on visual maps



Run your sites, buildings, audits and facilities from the devices you choose



Entire teams collaborate and share anytime from anywhere

Our Customers

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