InMapz X creates digital maps

InMapz X is an indoor mapping and equipment tracking application for all indoor spaces, with focus on large commercial spaces like office buildings, commercial centers, industrial facilities, hospitals, schools.

InMapz X creates digital maps of all indoor spaces and helps users locate equipment/assets such as lights, alarms, HVAC systems, plumbing, electrical rooms, movable equipment (e.g. medical machines) and more.

InMapz can be used by all facilities management professionals, including onsite teams, outsourced third-party facilities management companies and contractors.


  • Save costs, increase efficiency, be compliant
  • Get 5x ROI on maintenance costs
  • Recover 25% CAPEX on lost assets
  • Easy remote access to buildings and systems
  • Reduce inaccuracy of manual processes
  • Collaborate with teams in different locations


Interactive Way Finding Map

Active map with live tracking on site


Search for equipment, service records, images and more

Preventative Maintenance

Reminders to stay on top of equipment maintenance

Asset Location

Get turn by turn directions to the location of your assets

IoT Sensor Integration

Collect data from sensors with a visual map of facility


As easy as 1) build maps, 2) mark assets, 3) use InMapz X. Realize immediate benefits within days.

Create Digital Maps

  • Fast setup time
  • Use existing floor plans
  • Minimal time required from facilities team

Map Equipment/Devices

  • Map and inventor devices and equipment using QR codes
  • Capture complete information about devices
  • Integrate devices into digital maps

Use Maps in Daily Work

  • Instant access to maps on mobile devices (Android & IOS)
  • Easy remote collaboration
  • Streamline all key facilities management processes

Realize New Benefits

  • Eliminate paperwork and lists
  • Capture data about space and device usage
  • Realize cost savings