A major health care provider uses InMapz software to manage over 60 buildings and mapped over 13,000 pieces of equipment. This customer uses InMapz to help visitors find hospital clinics, outside contractors locate equipment, and in-house staff respond faster to emergencies. InMapz also helped the customer to plan for power outages at a call center where InMapz maps easily show workstations with emergency backup power. Lastly, facilities managers have saved traveling time in covering a wide geographical area of hundreds of miles in distance and hours of driving time.


Several K-12 California School Districts have been upgrading thousands of HVAC equipment to more energy efficient models. These are multi-million dollars projects. Using InMapz equipment maps, project managers save hundreds of thousands of dollars doing equipment audits prior to replacements. Audits were more accurate without data errors, saving countless hours from having to return equipment and keeping deadlines on schedule. After new equipment were replaced then customers used InMapz QR codes to record maintenance and repairs to generate compliance reports at the touch of a mouse click.


Churches have many organized events. An 80-year old church in Houston organizes many events. Visitors often do not know where to go. Staff had to constantly escort visitors to different rooms where events where held. This customer uses an events management software to schedule events and locations. InMapz integrated directly with the events management software to InMapz wayfinding kiosks to help visitors find directions. The solution has saved staff countless hours and improved visitors’ experience


Parks and resorts are large public spaces with many visitors and hundreds of buildings. A major California Park uses InMapz to remember where equipments are located within 1500 acres.


A Hotel Resort Casino in Washington uses InMapz to help facility managers manage multiple buildings across a large site.


Vietnam Airlines uses InMapz maps for over 100 airports where they service. InMapz maps are integrated to the customer’s mobile apps and websites. InMapz is also used to show flight routes for the airline.


Aeon Malls is one of the largest mall groups in Asia. Aeon uses InMapz maps for wayfinding mobile apps for all malls in Vietnam. InMapz mall maps run on iOS and Android apps.


A municipality in the Pacific Northwest was using a spreadsheet to store of equipment data across many sites. InMapz equipment maps help these facilities managers find and locate thousands of pieces of equipment.


Universities have buildings and facilities that have been in use for several decades, and they may require significant maintenance and upgrades. Like any institution, universities often have limited budgets allocated to facilities management. A major university in Australia uses InMapz to conduct regular facility assessments and inspections to identify maintenance and repair needs, and to develop a comprehensive long-term maintenance plan that prioritizes critical repairs and upgrades based on urgency.


Trade shows are short-term events with many visitors who have limited time to meet and conduct business’. A major trade show in Los Angeles has over 200 exhibitors and thousands of attendees. InMapz built maps for wayfinding kiosks at the show and to help attendees find directions to exhibitors’ booths on the show’s floor and break out rooms for presentations. Being able to find locations of booths and events save attendees and exhibitors valuable time and improve productivity.