A Product We’re Into: InMapz

Founded by MIT and Caltech engineers, InMapz is a proptech software platform that
creates digital twins of commercial buildings through an automated process. InMapz
integrates floor plans, mechanical layouts, devices, sensors, and controls into one wholistic digital model of a building. Each element in a digital twin can become a smart object with its own attributes such as GPS location, model number, serial number, photographs, and so forth. For example, conference rooms, HVAC equipment, IoT sensors, etc. can be extracted from the floor plan. Users can easily
add, edit, and delete other mechanicals. Rather than having to go to the office to pull
up paper floor plans and cross-reference spreadsheets, users can access their
building’s digital twin via the InMapz app or web browser on the phone, tablet, or
laptop. Through selection and filtering options, users can both visualize on the digital
twin and see a list of whatever smart objects are specified.
InMapz saves time and money for facilities managers, building auditors, third party
maintenance teams, emergency response personnel, airport travelers, trade show
organizers and attendees. The company has mapped billions of square feet, including
over 300 international airports, 1500 worldwide malls, hospitals, schools, universities,
trade shows, office buildings, data centers, factories, and hotels.

What We Think: InMapz helps create a frictionless experience for any end user
trying to navigate a physical space with their digital twin application creating a digital
and interactive floorplan. We like this product because it’s mobile friendly and is a
great informational tool to better understand your physical space, both from an end
user and Workplace Professional perspective.

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