IFMA Slice of Orange Newsletter Apr. 2024

Intelligence and Coordination for Facility Emergency Response

Preparedness is everything in an emergency situation where swift action is necessary to resolve any situation. Whether it’s a medical crisis, natural disaster, system failure or an unfortunate security threat, having intelligence and quick coordinated responses makes all the difference. This article offers a glimpse into intelligence mapping tools that offer invaluable support to facilities managers and security officers, particularly in schools, universities, hospitals, and malls. The key is rapid access to critical information, those comprise essential information about location of exits, emergency equipment, location of cameras and sensors, utility shut offs, designated assembly points, clear understanding of hot zones.
This data empowers facilities staff, first responders including police and fire personnel to navigate the premises efficiently without losing precious minutes and ensure swift evacuation or containment measures.

During emergencies, real-time intelligence sharing is key. A platform such as InMapz facilitates real-time information sharing by providing a centralized platform, an app on your phone where updates, observations and instructions are relayed to all the relevant parties, simultaneously. On a school campus, this ensures that everyone from teachers, student leaders, administrative staff, visitors, facilities and safety personnel, emergency responders are all on the same page, enabling the most knowledgeable person with authority to make decisions, minimizing confusions by reducing conflicting instructions, ensuring maximum efficiency.

For local fire, medical, police personnel arriving at an unfamiliar location, detailed knowledge of the facility is invaluable. Having comprehensive maps that include not just the layout of the buildings and grounds, but valuable layers of information about locations of hazardous materials, utility access points, possible staging points, location, and resources in each classroom in a school or store in a mall is vital. This type of situational awareness enables decision makers to formulate effective strategies to mitigate the crisis.

A platform like InMapz allows mall operators, school safety personnel to create and record customizable response plans tailored to their locations, needs and possible scenarios. These plans can be easily updated and accessed on an app vs trying to scribble on a paper map. An app can also be set up to train stakeholders from facilities personnel to school administrators to learn, create roles and responsibilities that prepares them for emergencies. Such platforms allow creation of drills and practice sessions in a controlled environment.

A platform like the one we suggest can seamlessly integrate with existing safety and security systems, enhancing their value and streamlining operations. During routine operations these mapping platforms can provide the facilities management team to do their job faster and vastly more accurately. It is possible to create a comprehensive emergency response system using a platform like InMapz. We are talking about a powerful ally in the quest for a secured learning environment in schools and
safe shopping experience in a mall.

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